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    Refiner –

    We have been given some advice on the operation of our reactor stripper level and I wanted to get your opinion as well.

    Our catalyst vendor has suggested that we operate our stripper level at 30%, we had previously been running at 20%. What are your thoughts on reactor stripper level given we have a packed bed with 2 extra layers of packing? –

    Generally higher stripper level translates into increased stripper residence time
    which is usually a good thing; especially if there are stripper internals present
    like you have available (not an empty open space). One foreseeable issue would come if there is some type of interaction with the reaction products that would cause the additional height to act/function as a bed cracker (highly unusual).

    Our advice is to test it out; slowly raise the level over the course of a shift and monitor the regen temperatures (bed, dilute, and cyclone) to watch for an affect/impact.

    It is definitely worth testing.

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