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Argus: Pemex Minatitlan Refinery-Coker Capacity up 80%

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    basil parmesan

    Argus: Pemex’s Minatitlan refinery capacity up 80pc
    Mexico City, 26 July (Argus)The $3.5bn upgrade of the Minatitlan refinery on the Gulf coast of Veracruz was officially put into service today and should increase gasoline and diesel output, allowing Mexico’s state-run energy company Pemex to reduce imports, saving $5bn annually, according to Mexican President Felipe Calderon who was present at the inaugural ceremony.
    The refinery upgrade adds 11 new plants, raising processing capacity more than 80pc to 246,000 b/d, up from 135,000 b/d.
    Roughly two-thirds of oil feedstock can be heavy Maya crude, thanks to construction of a delayed coking plant, instead of two-thirds light crude as the refinery was previously configured. In addition to the delayed coking plant, the refinery added naphtha and diesel hydrodesulfuration and regeneration units, hydrogen and sulfur recovery plants, a fluid catalytic cracker and new alkylation unit.
    “In effect, we have added a whole new refinery,” Calderon said.
    The upgrade more than doubles gasoline output to 93,000 b/d. That new capacity for making gasoline has been operational for several months. Mexico imported an average 400,000 b/d of gasoline in the first half of 2011.
    The Minatitlan project is being inaugurated three years behind schedule. Originally, the upgrade was expected to cost $2.2bn.
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    Charles Randall

    Reuters: UPDATE 1-Mexico’s Pemex says Minatitlan expansion ready end-Aug

    Mon Jun 20, 2011 4:53pm EDT * Gasoline capacity will increase by 47,300 bpd * Opening of long-delayed project was postponed from March * Mexico aims to reduce gasoline imports By Adriana Barrera MEXICO CITY, June 20 (Reuters) Mexico’s state oilmonopoly Pemex said the expansion of the Minatitlan refinerywill now be ready by the end of August, providing the firstfirm target for the completion of the long-delayed project. The project to increase capacity at 185,000 barrel-per-dayrefinery in the Gulf of Mexico state of Veracruz was originallysupposed to be finished in late March. But a document obtained by Reuters on Monday said it willnot start operations by the end of the summer, adding 47,300barrels per day (bpd) of gasoline production. Pemex [PEMEX.UL] had said in the past Minatitlan’s newfacilities would increase gasoline output by 57,000 bpd. Currently Mexico, a major oil producer, imports around 40percent of its gasoline because of a lack of in-countryrefining capacity. FACTBOX on Mexico refining ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The expansion plan, which began back in 2003, aimed tobring the refinery up to 350,000 bpd capacity. Parts of the renovated plant are already operating,producing an additional 34,000 barrels per day of diesel, thedocument said. In addition to the gas and diesel, Minatitlan will reducefuel oil output from 65,000 to 27,700 bpd. Pemex’s CEO said at a conference this month that Mexicoaims to reduce gasoline imports by 8 percent between 2012 and2016 Pemex. The company plans to build a new oil refinery in Tula,north of Mexico City but wants to avoid the setbacks seen atMinatitlan due to poor supervision by Pemex and the splittingof the expansion into multiple packages. Pemex has said it will carry out more detailed engineering work before starting construction at Tula. (Additional reporting and writing by Mica Rosenberg;editing bySofina Mirza-Reid)

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    Charles Randall

    Here is Argus update Pemex Refinery & Coker Expansion and earlier update Reuters June 2011.

    I hadn’t seen anything since June 20 update. Earlier articles mentioned the gasoline prod units have been online for several months. As I understand Coker & Alky+other Gasoline units were operational in March 2011 (had been delayed from July-Aug 2010 startup).

    Previous articles also mentioned that total expansion for Minatitlan was originally (2003) to 350 MBD and this round expansion only ups it to 246 MBD. But the conversion to 2/3 Maya heavy crude instead light crude; plus a reduction from 65 MBD Fuel oil to only 27 MBD fuel oil; as well as increase in 47 MBD (to new total 93 MBD) of gasoline product was accomplished

    Another item in previous updates was status on Pemex newTula Refinery & coker expansion / new plant addition.


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