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    Javier Lara

    Does anyone know about a more effective method to inject antifoam instead of a simple nozzle place on the top of the drum? Does anyone have experience with a longer injector (1 or 3 meters inside drum)?

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    In our units We have had injection of antifoams with or without injector (QUILL) and what we founded based in our results obtained of the observations, that a good operations for that systems depend of the velocity of the fluid entering to the drum, the fluid that you use like Carrier (LCGO, HCGO, etc) and of the type of viscosity of the antifoam. This does not mean that this type of injector does not help us. but the difference that we saw was not much
    About the criteria of the design speed for that system, there are pages in the previous forums where you can look for this topic (old discussions).

    We used like injector a pipe of 1″of diameter (1 1/4″ tubingx 3/16″wall, Mat´l A-268-TP405) with some guide plate inside of the nozzle, This quill was mounted in a 4″ 300 # nozzle in the top, its length was of 1.5 meters

    I´m sorry for my english, best Regards

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    Guy Nelson

    Do you use a carrier to help wash it down into the drum

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    In our facility we made a test with an injhection quill of about 1.5 meterd long.  There was no change in the foam mitigation because of this.
    Best practices says that is really importat is to maintain a velocity in the nozzle entering the drum between 5 and 8 ft/s.

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