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antifoam usage

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    We will be reducing our cycle time from 16.5 – 17 hours to about 15 – 15.5 hours next year due to the installation of the delta valve. Obviously, our antifoam usage will increase, but I am unsure as to exactly how much it will go up. From what I have read and heard from other industry sources, antifoam usage does not proportionally increase when cycle time is reduced. Rather, it increases exponentially. Could someone please give some more insight on this topic? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    It will go up but not exponetially. You may see a 10 to 20% increase. Are you using 600,000 centistoke?

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    The usage of antifoam very much depending on the velocity of vapor inside the coke drum. There was a point of time when we had to inject a lot more to supress the foam with a shorter cycle ( as fr us it means more feed pushing through the furnace and coke drum).

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