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    Gergely Boha

    HI Everyone,
    Could you tell me what kind of antifoam do you usually use in your DC Units? (And what dosage do you need to apply?)
    (Baker Petrolite antifoam is being used in our DCU.)
    What reliable antifoam manufacturers exist (appart from BPR)?
    What chemicals (from what manufacturers) do you use to prevent deposit creation in product HCN and LCGO streams (if you use any).

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    Lucibar Davalillo

    I have effectively used Nalco EC 9019A , 60000 cst,  which continues to be the preference for new Cokers…I keep hearing about 100,000 cst being more effective, but have not tried yet.
    Consumption may vary depending unit operation; it ranges from 3-5 LBS/MBbl feed (average of 0.5 Gal/MBbl feed). I’ve heard units with high consumption reporting up to 1 Gal/Mbbl

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    The flow of  antifoam (pure) is 10 ppm weight of the flow to the furnaces. but this  detail is good that you clarifying it with which it provides the chemist to you because every one has different dilutions, the new design are using 100000 to 600000 cks

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    World’s largest cracker – reliance – uses Dorf Ketal Antifoam with great effectivity.

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