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Antifoam- LCGO or HCGO carrier?

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    I would like to know how many coker plant using HCGO as the carried fluid for antifoam.
    What is the advantage when HCGO is used as the carried fluid?

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    I dont know if somebody know how many use LCGO or HCGO, but I think most of them use LCGO (I ve been working in 6 coker and the carrier was LCGO, According to some paper that you can used naphtha, coker diesel or coker gasoil and coker disesel or coker gasoil are often  preferred because the higher boiling range solvents are less likely to flash off when injected into the hot coke drum
    Best Regards

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    Lucas Revellon

    You can also use Kero as a carrier.  We had better results when switching from any Coker stream to Kero!

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    LCGO is the most frequent used in my experience but plenty of places have used HCGO in the past.  HCGO might be tougher in cold climates if heat tracing is an issue or unreliable.  You might also consider what cs antifoam you are going to use ; for example 60000cs vs 600000cs
    bottom line is either will work under most conditions but you need reliability on all systems to be successful
    Jim Blevins – Chevron

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    what is the ratio of using LCGO to antifoam

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