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Angle on the feed line on the Coke Drum

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    There are some experience or study about this point ?
    For this line entry to the drum there are two options:
    One option is to feed into the drum at a 90 deg angle.
    The other option is to angle the feed line slightly up 
    Does anyone have any experience with either of these configurations? If so, what is your recommendation? What, if any, problems have you noticed as a result of the feed line placement? Which should be this angle? some range?
    Best Regards

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    We’ve had Delta Valves for about 2 years now and the configuration is a side entry into the drum bottom cone at a slight upward angle.  I know there were concerns about feed impingement, but we haven’t seen anything yet in our inspections.

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    Claus Graf

    In one of the cokers FW revamped a year ago to install a bottom Delta Valve, we had a dual side entry at a slight upward angle.
    Regards, CG

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    we have had delta valves for about four years with the feed lines in at an angle and the only issue we’ve come across is gas oil below the feed line when we swing into the heating drum. however, quicker unheading and cut times have made the issue go away, but when we switch drums, we still go slower than we used to before delta valves.

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    We just installed duel feed entry at 10 degree minimized the pooling effect.

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