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    Freddy Martinez

    We injected MAPS(modified ammonium polysulphide solution) at Compressor 1st stage discharge(downstream of compressor interstage cooler) and 2nd stage discharge(d/s of after cooler) with process water as a carrier(temp. 50 deg C,ph-7.5-8.0)for reduction in CN related corrosion and H2 blistering.
    We have faced MAPS line choking problem frequently, after choking we cannot push MAPS and process water.
    If someone has same experience or expertise ,please suggest forward path.

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    Contact Gene Morselander of Prescience Technology Company; an expert in CN and AP.  Phone 832-233-6428. 

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    Gene Morselander

    Would be glad to help. Please give me a call At 832-233-6428 or email at

    Gene Morselander
    Prescience Technology Company
    P.O. Box 1736
    Humble, Texas 77347-1736
    Phone: 832-233-6428
    Fax: 281-852-0968

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