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Alternative to Top Automated Unheading Valve

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    Robert Fontenot

    Are there any refiners out there that are pursing or have installed an alternative to an automated unheading valve (Deltavalve, Z&J, etc.) on top of a coke drum.  Do you believe that the alternative will mitigate the risks associated with steam/coke blowouts and other open hole risks?

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    Claus Graf

    Foster Wheeler has a top unheading device that will allow the operator to remotely open the top head. (away from the drum).
    Regards, CG

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    Mitchell Moloney

    We have recently installed hydraulically-operated swing back top head designs at our Baton Rouge and Beaumont Refineries.  The designs are similar and were provided by Bayside and Foster-Wheeler, respectively.  The designs are manually bolted but employ interlocked features which prevent inadvertent operation of the hydraulics and allow top head operations without exposure to an open top head.  The designs are not cheap and we have not done a detailed price comparison to slide valve designs.  Contact me for additional details.  Mitch Moloney

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    The hydraulic heads are OK but as an operator I can tell you for a fact that the slide valves are much safer and require less operator exposure. Bottom line: Pay the extra money and virtually eliminate operator interaction with the top head off.

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    Decoking system suppliers:

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    Well, whatever you can do to get the operator away from the top & bottom head is a big improvement.
    Compare it to driving a car. A car with air bags, seatbelts and antilock brakes is safer than a car without them in a collision.
    As technologies become available, they can be used to improve safety. Fully automated and remote operated delayed cokers are possible.

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