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Albemarle’s New Catalyst Significantly Boosts Gasoline Yields

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    Albemarle has a new fluid catalytic cracking (“FCC”) product to be offered from the company’s newest manufacturing technology process.  It is a powerful new catalyst specifically designed for application to gas oil feeds to increase naphtha yields by as much as 3% while significantly reducing coke, a critical advantage for refiners. Further, this comprehensive refining solution can deliver these results while also providing a marked improvement in bottoms cracking capabilities.
    The company’s new technology involves a unique manufacturing process which results in enhanced pore structure and optimized active site distribution. The innovative catalyst technology utilizes a novel matrix composition that is also being explored for potential use in other market segments.
    “Our newest technology solution for the gas oil market provides impressive benefits to refiners,” said Scott A. Martin, vice president of Albemarle’s FCC group. “We are excited to introduce this potent new catalyst which will deliver higher value and, in turn, increase Albemarle’s presence in this important sector of the industry.”
    “Our intense focus on innovation leadership continues to gain momentum and pay significant dividends for our clients,” said John J. Nicols, vice president of Albemarle’s Catalysts group. “Our powerful new technology platform and catalyst represent our most recent value-added refining solutions and further demonstrate Albemarle’s pursuit of turnkey technologies that position our clients for sustained success.”

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