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Air pollutant emissions by refinery

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    Jordan Carlen

    Hello all – long time reader, first time poster.  I was wondering if anyone knows where to obtain a list of air pollutant emissions by refinery for a relative recent calendar year (2006?).  I have not had any success with the epa emissions inventory database.  I am trying to put together a spreadsheet with tonnes of emissions for NOx, SOx and PM, barrels of throughput, and whether or not the facility has an fccu for refineries in Canada and the U.S.
    Thanks – any feedback would be much appreciated![:D]

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    I hope you have no luck at all! Emissions are reported to EPA as required on permits – and cumulative totaled by EIA.  But Environmental morons have been trying get full count for years so they can increase control & do more damage even more Refiners with this information. The estimated guesses are about as good as it gets on this & I am glad because almost everyone that wants this is usually Anti-Oil industry who just wants draw a line so they can start forcing levels downward even though demand needs it to increase.

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