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    What would be the best way to optimise preheated air and excess O2 control in the coker furnace? Is is good to install air flowmeters to each furnace pass? Currently we don’t have any control of the air into the air duct of the furnace. The control is at site, and usually the excess O2 is very high everytime there is feed reduction.

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    Alfredo Velasco

    If your heater is a forced draft heater you must control the fuel/air ratio, so there is a need for a value of the combustion air: maybe this value can be obtained by checking the excess air at the bridgewall level or with a proper meter. Typical problem is how to regulate the dampers inside the air ducts.
    If your heater is a natural draft heater, the air is not measured. You only work with the excess air measured at the bridgewall level.

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