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Actuation and Interlocks of Valves

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    James Arney

    Hello Coker World ,

    I am looking at installing actuation and Permissive Interlocks on our Coker. We are currently running a 16 hour cycle and have been as low as a 14 hour cycle. We have manual unheading and cut to a crusher -> sluiceway -> Hydroseal Pit -> Hydrobins.
    We are looking into different coke handlings systems at this time.

    My real questions are around the Valving Actuation and Interlocks.

    As part of the interlock package we are looking at Delta Valves.

    Currently we have Wilson Snyder Switch Valves and Inlet Angle Valves on the inlet side of the drums.

    Currently we have fullport outlet wedge plugs valves (two per drum) on the drum ovhd.

    The rest of the supporting Valving on the structure is primarily gate valves.

    My questions are…

    If we change out the Wilson Snyder Switch Valves what should we replace them with for reliable operation (Velan)?

    Should we change out our inlet angle valves and if so what should we put in their place for reliability?

    Has anyone included the drum inlet block valve, utility block valve and the upstream blowdown valve as part of the interlocks?

    I will be attending the seminar however I thought I would post these questions now to see what others thought, what they have done and what they may have done differently do differently.


    Jim Arney

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    coker squirrel

    The Drum inlet valves need to be interlocked with the switch valve to prevent switching into a closed valve. Also, it is a good idea to interlock your switch valve with the bypass and common valves to prevent switching (bypassing) into a closed valve. To accomplish this, you must have MOV operated valves. Valen does provide these type of valves.[&:]

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    How about interlocking PSV MOVs with vent valves? For our new coker, the Licensor is recommending an interlock that will prevent closing PSV Mov’s before opening the vent valves right after closing to blodown, when drum is quenched and ready for drain; the expected drum pressure at that point is about 10 times lower than PSV set point.
    In your experience, is there any other reason for this, than jsut drum safety protection?
    and, how about the potential for backing H2S from blowdown header? wouldn’t it be a lesser risk blocking PSVs first.
    I appreciate your feedback,  

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    Send me a email I can send you some information or tell me your email, best regard

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    Reliance is operating 2 world’s largest Cokers ,each @160KBPSD-8 drums, at Jamnagar India. We are operating at 13 hrs coke drum cycle.
    We have interlocked all coke drum and blowdown column valves  using the DCS  software which doesnot require a separate PLC etc. This has been very reliable safety interlock for the last 7 years of operation.
    We use Velan valves (mostly ball valves ) with motor actuators and these are very reliable.
    Wilson Snyder switch valve  could also be automated as done way back in 1993 in  KNPC cokers (Hydraulic automation ).
    Best wishes.
    India Jamnagar

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    Jim; talk to (YO) Gordon Allen with Applied Controls for interlocking ALL your coker valves. Applied Controls is in Bellflower California. I have worked with them for 6 years they are the BEST in the Industry for coker safety. they are working on our new coker

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