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    Looking for information on acoustic monitoring for coke drums.  Does it work and how well, applicability, pricing, ect.  Vendors welcome need to get the information soon.  Thanks for all your help.         Was looking for a clear way to ensure the drum has been properly drilled out and is clean using a acoustic monitoring system, currently using a spot light to look down the drum for cleanliness and have missed coke on occassion.

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    AE has been used to inspect coke drums for many years with great sucess.  Claudio Allevato at Stress Engineering has tested many durms over years.  We would be more than happy to speak to you off line about your needs and give you references.
    Kris Wernecke
    Stress Engineering

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    Hi. We have been applying AET on coke drums for a long time. Over 80 done all over the world. It works well, provided some conditions are met.
    Big advantages are the in-service monitoring, and mapping of where active cracking are located, for further follow-up with PA or TOFD. If combined with Thermocouples and strain gages, it can provide guidance of cycle optimization, thus higher throughput, if management wants it.
    AET probes can be installed via Rapelling, or scafolding. Long term monitoring of known and existing cracks very successfull as well. Crack growth correlation with cycle parameters and thermal stresses are possible.
    If you want more info, please contact us at Stress Engineering Services, Inc. in Houston, Tx. Ask for Claudio.
    Hope it helped.

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