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    jinsung kim

    Hello. My name is jinsung, kim.
    I am working petroleum company in korea.
    I am engineer in technical service team.
    I have many question . but today I wrote only one.
    Some DCU(Delayed Coking Unit) had a delta valve. I read some articles about delta valve.
    I want to know how to operate the delta valve(especially, unheading TOP, BOTTOM)
    If somebody know method of operating delta valve, Send a e-mail. to me or reply.
    I want to see the movie about operating delta valve.
    Thank you for reading my pure writing,

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    Also consider the Zimmerman & Jansen Slide Valve, which is comparable.  You should evaluate and solicit bids on both valves.

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    Claus Graf

    If you need unheading device information, please see the link below:


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    Thank you for your reply. ~~

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    jinsung kim

    Thank you for you reply and file.
    I already read file.
    And I am shock because I didnt expect reply…
    Thank you very much. and Have a good time….

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