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Charles Randall

Sorry this isnt “Ask Jeeves” – if you want to know then you should do a search. There are way too many refinery fires these days to track down all details – I just try focus on coking refinery incidents so we can crosscheck the Shutdown reports, lost coke production & refinery utilizations.
But here is what usually happens on these fires – Refinery is quick to claim no impact to production (lot times even when it does – watch spike in gas prices), and to say no one is injured or at least how many.  But cause usually takes investigation that drags on for while – however source & starting point follow behind or with the impact & injury news.
If you have read some my post before you know my peeve is folks asking these “baby bird = feed me” questions but never getting off their butts to find info & post for the rest of us.
I will assume your not one “those” so here is what followed so far (your on your own tracking down the rest ):
Fire at California refinery is extinguished, Tesoro says
API SmartBrief | 09/29/2009
A fire that broke out Monday in the coking unit of Tesoro’s refinery in Wilmington, Calif., has been extinguished, but the cause of the fire is still being investigated, Tesoro said. The unit has a capacity of 100,000 barrels per calendar day. No one was reported injured, and the extent of the damage remains uncertain, the San Antonio-based company said. Oil & Gas Journal (09/28)

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