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Update- Liaoyang Coker Refinery completes test run VZ crude


Charles Randall

<Here is update from Xinhua News on the Completed Venezuelan crude test run at Liaoyang coking Refinery- CER>
PetroChina Completes Test Run with Venezuelan Crude – Report
by Xinhua Economic News  Wednesday, July 16,2008

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PetroChina Liaoyang Refinery has completed a test run of processing Venezuelan oil and it plans to refine 500,000 tons of crude from Venezuela this year, said CNPC’s official web site.

To refine high-acid Venezuelan oil is regarded as a move to trim refining losses for PetroChina under the capped oil products pricing system. It is reported that Liaoyang Refinery spent three months revamping its 3.5-million-t/y utility for the purpose.

China for the first five months doubled its Venezuelan crude imports compared to one year earlier to 3.85 million tons, Customs statistics show.

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