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RE:Sorting Out Come-by-Chance Refinery & Coker Projects


Charles Randall

Here was an article post update on 2 – North Atlantic/ Newfoundland & Labrador/ Come-by-Chance Refinery & Coker projects a client of mine asked about, and clairfication is below:
There are 2 refinery & coker projects at Newfoundland / Come by Chance – an existing expansion & new Greenfield/grassroots addition. Articles about trying connect NLRC to CBC existing refinery were either errors or trying to update status on both or indicate locations by referencing existing refinery/dock/ect.
The Refinery/Coker details are:
NARL (North Atlantic Refining Ltd) – Harvest Trust = existing CBC refinery purchased from Vitol & Feasibility by SNC Lavin. Current size is ~ 115MBD with expansion options from +30 MBD up to +155 MBD, which may include coker addition. Harvest expansion is moving forward @ ~$1Billion range.
NLRC (Newfoundland & Labrador Refining Corp) – Altius = grassroots CBC refinery addition going in near existing CBC refinery with Feasibility also by SNC Lavin. Size of competative refinery from SNC was set at 300 MBD for option to export product into Europe. Initially set up MOU with Foster Wheeler for Coker Technology but switched to COP Technology ~at same time did agreement with UOP. Project (and coker agreement) now on hold due to financing issues and price range is $5-7Billion range.

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