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Re:Paulsboro's PBF named Star Site by OSHA …..again

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Charles Randall

Here is update on PBF Paulsboro’s Refinery named Star Site ….. again. As article mentions it first won award in 2004 and again in 2008. 
Seems that a pair endangered Peregrine Falcon has also decided to make a Refinery water treatment building home for its nest and the refinery workers have adopted them as sort Mascot for the facility. 
 PBF has also made some smooth moves getting around US archaic Jones Act by lightering crude from Saudi supertankers in Gulf Coast outside the US waters and routing the smaller vessels to New Jersey (~ 11 ships over last 5 months thru Jan 2013) and saving freight cost.
PBF has also made news by adding rail cars to their fleet already taking Canadian crudes to Delaware (refineries lack pipelines receive crudes & take imports). The additional 2400 rail cars will take Eagle Ford and Bakken Shale Crudes to PBF coastal Delaware refineries. Although the Paulsboro refinery does not have rail unloading, PBF has said that they will move crude by barge up the river from Delaware to Paulsboro.

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