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Re:NY Times/OCI Greenies false facts vs Reuters Factual Petcoke / OS Rebuttal‏

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Charles Randall

There are another couple version of NY Times Detroit story (see article @ ).
One called “A Black Mound of CA Oil Waste Rising over Detroit” from another liberal “green” John Upton that also has little truth or knowledge about petcoke in it. (see article at @ ). But it does have links to other versions of their take on the story as well as link to the OilChange group (OCI) article by Lorane Stockman that spawned this series of rants and partial truths (Petcoke: Coal hiding in Oil Sands – article @
The second article version posted here (forwarded by RBI & ICIS folks) on Reuters- John Kemp with Reuters rebuttal / factual article (Fortunately – see article @ ) with lot more of the truth about petcoke in it than all three articles combined. And certainly more than the Roskill analyst Satterwhite  put forth on coke industries behalf.  Send John Kemp an email or give him call and let him know we appreciate his position ( 207 542 9726)>
Anyone who subscribes to Roskill’s mediocre annual report should take  note they were firmly in forefront of the anti-fossil, and anti-petcoke rants against both oil sands and petcoke industry with half truths even beginners in our field know as mostly untruths.
Thing really ticks me off is both the Oil Change article (Petcoke: Coal hiding in Oil Sands crude) and this one use quotes/tables from Roskill’s analysts Kerry Satterwhite that are as bad and inaccurate as the environmentalist (market use/total new coker projects/description petcoke product/ect).  I Sent email to Roskill’s manager Alison Saxby over Industrial Materials group (Petcoke subset) but they did not respond. And if Roskill is going market a report to industry and then stab the industry in the back by acting as mouthpiece for anti-fossil groups with miss information …… then I am going to make sure the people in the industry and those who buy their report know about it.
Talk to your sellers/buyers/managers and let them know where the money for this report goes and how Roskill really feels about our industry. Or/And at least see that this Kelly Satterwhite gets desk on environmental matters and not as expert on coke industry – which she apparently knows hardly anything about. And  that there are better versions of this report done a lot better by both CRU and Jacobs on annual basis. Not that their analysts have full market knowledge  ….. but at least they are loyal to their customers and the industry. 

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