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Good  afternoon Mr. Claus, my apologises for the delay in my response.
A couple of weeks before we have done another online spalling to other of the coils of the heater. We have made small changes in our spalling procedure, but one difference with previous spallings has been the ammount of BFW we put in the coil while we are doing the shocks.
Appart from other minor changes we have increased slightly the BFW we put into the coil when we are decreasing the coil outlet temperature in order to try to flush better the coil at that point, which was our suspect of the high pressure when we put feed in again.
The result has been quite good, with a decrease in skin points temperature of around 100ºC and between 2-3 kg/cm2 less than before spalling and then the rest of the passes of the heater.
This week we have another spalling, we will follow the last operating procedure and I will let you know if the result has been the same or not.
Thank you very much for your response.
Kind regards,

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