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Dear Evan:
Thanks for your time and consideration .
The first thing I want to tell you  is that so far I have been able to answer because I have the impression that my system does not work well because each time I leave the page, the password is invalid and I have to start the process for a new password.
 I  not sure if this happens to someone, or is only my problem.
In relation to the frequency of use of the crane, is quite high, in fact 1 it is working  6 hours/day normally and according to the number of coke drum, it  may not have too much time on stop.
T-40C, the water vapor condenses on metal surfaces instantly and  I suppose that accumulates ice quickly, despite the fact that the design of our cranes for  safety reason  includes all-wheel drive.
 When e is Ice on the rails,  it is lose braking and acceleration, and that in addition to affect the average unloading, also a major security problem, since the crane is not going to brake or accelerate in space originally planned, and I could hit violently against the end runway.

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