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Charles Randall

As mentioned before the properties are going vary by type resid & type green anode petcoke which varies by both region and coker.

Why on earth would you care? The volatile matter which averages 9-12% for most green anode petcokes will have the Carbon/Hydrogen/Sulfur/Nitrogen/Oxygen along with moisture/water consumed during the calcination process along with a portion of the petcokes (usually fines). The calciner stacks usually have scrubbers and emissions are for whole process not just Volatiles (you have natural gass consumed to provide heat to reach ignition & “calcine” the petcoke.

Many Calciners, Smelters, Refiners often report comparison of green anode vs calcined as ratio to show chemical/physical change – and there should be reports from SAF/AJEdmonds/SGC labs on this.
The largest component of VCM is going to be Carbon, followed by Sulfur (most sulfur for anode cokes – especially any below 1.5%S is bound with petcoke & only small amount in VCM) and Hydrogen – Oxygen will be impacted by moisture removal along with VCM removal.

All of merchant refiners like Rain-CII, Oxbow-GLC and ect will blend several green petcokes to make a blended calcined product specifications. Most Refiners only calcine the plant produced petcoke as single component that often does not meet full Aluminum specifications without the plant modifying its quality standards and is almost always a domestic consumer (unless the plant blends CPC’s to make its Anodes at Smelters baking plant).

So if you want the specific properties you will have to test the specific type coke at the specific plant in question & use one of the labs that is certified for this process to get your answer.

BTW – if this is for an environmetal purpose ….. you can stick it.

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