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Charles Randall

The guest question was about the VCM in Petcoke – and I am not sure what this series of analysis is susposed to be?

It appears to be a coke sample and the carbon and VCM levels are in right range for coke but the sulfur is very low & the metals make no sense – I know of no petcoke with +30,000 ppm of anything let alone all of them FE/NI/VA. I believe XOM has fluid coke that has ~20,000 ppm Vanadium but it is sold as Vanadium ore instead of petcoke.

Nove of these values really have anything to do with what Volatile Matter is or its composition as far as I can see.

Please if your going to post an quality data put some comments around what it is representing & what it has to do around the original topic/question.

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