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RE: Various fires


sudhakar bonthalaj

It is time now to set Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for each operating Coker. Initially they must cover Safety & Environment.I suggest each one of you give considerable thought to evolve KPIs voluntarily. Listing of Near miss incidents,Lessons learnt,Accident investigation reports that can be shared to prevent recurrence, Safety features that must be incorporated in the design of new Cokers,HAZOP recommendations,Mandatory rectifications,Plant change oders that enhance Safety and protect environment,plant modifications for enegy conservation etc.are valuable records that help you to achieve this target.
This set of KPIs can be further expanded to cover all process aspects like Coke drum overhead vapor velocity, drum switch cycle, coke yield, coke quality,Gas oil quality & yields, acceptance criteria of Coker streams in downstream units, H2S content of treated sour gas,quality give away on Coker products, Coker furnace Feed temp. etc.

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