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RE: Valero & Tesoro Vow Fight Calif Global Warm Laws

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Charles Randall

Looks like Valero & Tesoro are trying to fight the next round of crazy Environmental legislation back at source in California – even though it is only a temporary suspension until economy improves.
But the target is right one – California has been the source for a whole series of bad oil industry legislation starting with Gasoline lead content, Vapor Pressure limits, blocking MTBE use and host of others that has resulted in California having nearly $1/Gallon higher Gas price that is all cost and no margin.
The state hounds refineries until they have to close or go into bankruptcy and then legislates against them closing because it will put the state in a supply crisis – Chevron Richmond is the most recent example. 
You will notice all the environmental responses always quote unnamed “scientist” as source for climate warming junk science quotes – but never have any true Climatologist or Meteorologist names. As far as I can tell there is only the crazy NASA climatologist who even agrees this is true & no one believes his model is accurate.
Hopefully the actions of COP, Chevron Valero & Tesoro will start to take hold in the Oil Industry. Help is in play – prominent Climate scientist (not just any liberal environmental crazy with science degree) & Meteorologist are already aligned to debunk the Global Warming theory (and have identifying Sun as true source of Earth Warming cycles) – in Dec 2007 over 400 true scientist taking part of UN International Panel on Climate Change voiced strong objections on “consensus” being put forth by the green movements. Unfortunately most liberal news sources never cover their conventions, actions or papers.  John Coleman founder of Weather Channel is a notable Meteorologist that is suing Al Gore (May 2008 news alert) for financial fraud – so far another 30,000 actual weather scientist have signed onto Colemans legal action (Nov 2009) and that was before classified emails were released that showed junk environmental scientist behind global warming movement knowingly perpetrated a fraud on the world community…. “Climategate”.  

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