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RE: Valero Pt Arthur T/A update – operating coker "problem"

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Charles Randall

<Please disregard story on Valero Pt Arthur  – wire services pulled it back for some reason?>
As consolation prize here are some web sites to take a look at pictures of Valero (Previous Clark/Premcor) Pt Arthur refinery replacing its 6 coke drums (circa 2000?) on one of its coking systems (another unit is operating): 
The above left photo is from the Feb08 HPI Construction.   Now HP does not say whose coker it is and although the below websites say it is the “HOOP project at Beaumont” they are wrong & it is actually shots of the  Valero-Port Arthur drum replacement. <another check is that Beaumont has 2 coking units each 4 drums,while Valero PA’s new coking unit is 6 drum system and has 2 other 4 drum systems – one idled when new 6 drum monster started up).
They got the picture from these webpages – nice shots but little “pricey”:
FYI – I collect shots of existing cokers, replacements & expansions so please send any that you may have – I already have about 45 cokers in US & another 35 worldwide, but some are distant pictures – so send email first (unless its +2006 or recent construction shot like this Valero PA). I already have picture of CHS Laurel coker 2007
Charlie Randall

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