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RE: Valero Houston may be sold also


Charles Randall

Looks like lot Valero Refineries are still on block for sale: Aruba, Houston, Memphis & Krotz Springs.
Here is news item on Houston.
Valero chief talks to local refinery workers about sale rumors

Bloomberg News Jan 31, 2008

Valero Energy Corp., the largest U.S. refiner, may sell its plant in Houston plant rather than invest in the upgrades needed to improve the facility’s profitability.
“I’m not going to dodge the big question,” Chief Executive Officer Bill Klesse told employees at the refinery in a meeting today.
No decision on the plant’s future has been made, said Klesse, who noted that employees had asked repeatedly about rumors the plant would be sold.
“We’re not going to fund every single refinery,” Klesse told workers.

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