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RE: Valero Delaware selling PBF Investments – He's Back!!

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Charles Randall

FYI – some add info from a contact on the PBF Investment group
He’s Back!!!!! Seems our old friend O’Malley is leading PBF Investment group making the buy offer on Delaware coking refinery.
Thomas O’Malley – leading PBF Partners leadership team (& currently Chairman of EU’s Petroplus)
Rest Leadership team:
Ed Jacoby – Sr VP Mkt & Logistics (previously Premcor similar position & also with Tosco & COP )
Ken Isom – Sr VP Strategic Projects & Operations (operates own Engr Consulting firm since 2005)
Matthew Lucey – VP Financial Analysis (formerly Managing Dir ME Zukerman & Co)
James Yates – VP Strategic Analysis (from Sprague Energy Corp – managing Lt Oils USGC & previously worked at Premcor, Tosco, Unocal, & Texaco)
These guys have lot background so this is very abreviated version of thier history.

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