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RE: Valero Delaware Coker causes 24% hit prod rates

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Charles Randall

Lucky – I just looked on the NA turnaround schedule and there wasnt anything planned for Valero Delaware, but as this article said they just came off a Feb 14-20 S/D to fix boiler problem for steam supply & the weak item in coker must have failed. When you jack a unit up & down as much as the Fluid coker & the GE (Texaco) Petcoke Gasifier have been – you are fighting a lost cause in my mind for same reason delayed coke drum only has so many cycles in its life (~5000 at last estimate)….the fatigue gets to it eventually.
I wouldnt worry too much about gas or diesel prices – go check out article on Refining news post. Reliance new 600MB addition will be up & operating 1Q09 looking for US & EU holes push its gas & diesel into. And if that isnt going to be bad enough downward pressure on US margins & supply, China has just pushed 8 of its largest/newer refineries into export category because product inventories are bloated & demand has collapsed & they are broke from subsidizing thier government refineires to sell $0.90/gallon fuel.

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