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Charles Randall

Here is update on USW Contract Negotiations & Strike Potential.

I think this is Bad Idea going on at Bad Time with lot potential Bad Outcomes…..

The tough US economics, lack of back up/part-time jobs and lot refineries sitting on edge of being shutdown isnt good time USW flex muscles its members cannot afford.

The media always likes to quote “Gross Margins” Refiners are making but the only thing that counts is Net margins (like your paycheck Gross before taxes & w/holds & Net whats left to live on). None of the US Major Oil Companies even qualify to be in Forbes Top 100 companies based on Net Margins (takes +30% net profit) with only a 10-14% average.

There are several refineries already down due bad economics & several on list for permenant shutdown or conversion to terminals that arent likely to get restart when strikers return.

I got work last nationwide strike in 1980’s at both Billings and Ponca refineries and it was grueling stretch for +4months (Billings was out before nationwide was called) but management likes the strikes because they have smaller workforce (with salary desk-riders doing labor of hourly) on 2 shifts @ 12 hr instead 3shifts @ 8hrs, and they get try out lot operational gimicks. The salary guys lose on strike also because incremental overtime gets killed by extra taxes and end up working for walmart wages on the net. So its bad all around …….. except getting appreciation for what the operational folks have to do everyday & idea what it is like on some crazy decisions that come down from management.

It is your union folks need tell them this isnt the 3 yr period to push hard for gains that get ~ eleminated by offwork time & risk potential of getting go back. The 2015 contract negotiating period is gong put LOT more cards in your hands and be past lot current risk (plus buy ones that will go down few more months or years between).

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