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RE: US Refinery Utilization highest 2.5yrs ??

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Charles Randall

Here is recent EIA news item on US Refinery Utilization – I saw this but do not agree it is correct. As with lot EIA info basis it has a flawed Utilization rate assumption.
They did not count the refineries shutdown just for economic or margin basis or ones closed like Valero Delaware & ect that were process sale or closure or had big repairs. Also I notice EIA like the OGJ does not always capture recent added or expansion capacities for 2H2009 or 1H 2010 in these calculations.
I think you have keep counting operational capacity that is just idled for economic or mechanical reasons to get true comparison of utilization. Think these rates for summer would actually be at historical lows if that were done.  It also fails to capture the growing delta between capacity and production which will become force for closure of small less complex refineries without niche market in US (& Worldwide)>

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