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RE: US Green Groups Warn of Oilsands "poison"

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Charles Randall

The Environmental sharks smell blood in the water and chance to steam-roll useless legislation through Congress given the potential political change over. The appeals and challenges to permits for US Refinery expansions or drilling are everywhere but they are not content with taking projects out one at a time now and this news article details a push to take out the entire Canadian Oil Sands production (pure environmental crap filled with junk science as usual – but you need to read it).
Never mind that nearly all Canada’s Conventional Crude is exhausted and this is the only answer they have to meet domestic demands, or huge loss of revenue & tax from exports to US. Or that it removes any chance the US had to get partially free from Mid East, Venezuela & other US hating suppliers.
But what is beyond belief is that it is all being done in the name of a failed process, a concept proven to be a fraud and by a Global mistake that has set environmental gains in the developed countries back 20 years due to the failure to include controls on developing countries!
– Global Warming caused by man has been recently disproved by actual scientist – not the psuedo ones fronted by Environmental groups, although none of liberal press covered the conference or debates. 
-A thriving species like the Polar Bear has been put on endangered list for something that wont happen in 50 years just so the ESA can become an enhanced Global Warming tool and back door block on Alaska oil development.
-Kyoto is a horrible failure:
    *None of the 18 signature countries made any of their goals, there have been claims two might have but any close inspection at huge overlooks (like UK’s Coal Powered Utility sector) makes it void. They never had a chance for 2012 goals. (US Blue Skye goals however were completely met.)
    *Worse still – undeveloped countries like China & Russia have been pushed from number 7 & 9 pollution levels into the number 1 & 4 slots with India moving up quickly as well – all with little to no control on pollution outside of paper documents and nothing set up to correct this worsening situation. This Environmental damage has cancled out the environmental gains in developed countries in past 20 years or more.<Let these Nimby’s clean up that mess before they earn back the right to continue or raise issue against any plant in the developed world>
    * The Cap & Trade element of Kyoto is nothing but a trading scam that made only money gains and led to few plant environmental investments (cheaper to buy credits) and the loss of vital global CO2 sinks due limited offsets.
Yet here are the Environmentalist & their lobby machine acting like everything was huge success & with help media pushing the same slogan lies which driving crazy Carbon Tax, Cap & Trade, and Global Warming / Anti-fossil fuel legislation as if no one will notice it has all become a lie??
If your oil company & rest of us don’t start voting these political supporters out of office, start showing up at Environmental hearings to demand reality be put back into the process, demand EPA become part of solution instead part of problem and vehicle for Environmentalist to kill industry ….. then everyone in field needs to get new resume for skills applied to new field because this one is going to be DOA.
If you think this Environmental & Liberal War hasn’t moved into high gear – here is another example of what we just discussed going down this month! 
Carbon, energy bills move ahead in Senate  ( )
The News Journal – Jun 05 4:05 AM   Jeff Montgomery at
Two of the Minner administration’s flagship environmental bills cleared a Senate panel Wednesday and moved toward a floor vote, despite objections from leading citizen groups. One of the bills, S.B. 263, would oblige the state’s largest utilities to buy credits for releasing carbon dioxide from their smokestacks as early as next year. The other, S.B. 276, would overhaul management of the new Sustainable Energy Utility, an energy conservation agency that could receive millions for its programs under terms of the carbon credit bill.  Both bills have become tangled in a separate debate over Bluewater Wind LLC’s proposed offshore wind farm. Supporters of the wind plan have argued that some carbon tax proceeds should help subsidize wind industry initiatives instead, instead of the SEU. Backers feel that they must get these bills passed through Senate & House in June, on the books or be in embarrasing situation. 
 <Lets all pray for an embarassing situation so the same fraud pulled in Europe isn’t put into play in the USA> 

Charlie Randall

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