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Charles Randall

Here is article about hammer coming down on Companies doing business with Iran that have been rewarded with more $107 Billion in US contracts & benefits despite our efforts at Iran sanctions.  But the hammer is on the way now that “Times” article has pointed it out – read full artilce at posted link.
As article mentioned more 19 US states (including New York, California, Florida) bar/forbid investing pension funds in companies that do business with Iran ……… perhaps the Feds should have taken a lesion from their playbook.  
Here are few (read article & its links for full list) of companies from Oil sector getting major US contracts:
Brazil – Petrobras, Dutch – Shell, South Korea – Daelim.
And few of other companies doing minor business (usually oil service) with Iran:
Honeywell, Ingersoll Rand, Halliburton and Atlas.
The first efforts to penalize companies like Total Fina doing business with Iran in 1998 when the EU protested US enforcing its version law on Europe but as Times efforts points out we sure as heck shouldnt be rewarding those companies with US contracts for doing it!
We have lot major US Oil companies giving up business & profits to abide by US & Un santions – perhaps we should stop doing business with those that believe they can work both sides of the fence.

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