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RE: US Decision May15 Polar Bear Endangered – Back door NDRC block Alaska Oil

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Charles Randall

Here is update on lengths Environmental groups like NDRC & Earthjustice are going to block Alaska Oil development. – A Calif Judge pushing for Government to make call on Polar Bears as Endangered species.
Meanwhile Earthjustice is doing separate law suit to block Gas & Oil development that is underway.
Oil companies need to weigh in on this issue May 15, 2008 with the real facts – not the hype from alarmist like Gore & shrinking ice shelf puttng Polar Bears extinct by 2050……pure crap!!
The Polar Bear population in 1972 was ~5,000 in Alaska region that is under study – today that population is over 25,000 and growing!!  And as for Gore’s claim of the shrinking ice shelf – it is thicker now than it was in 1979 which was a peak in recent history……and the thickness is growing not shrinking.  Go check out NOAA to find out real facts and data not the Pusedo science that Environmentalist keep putting out.
This has huge & far reaching complications for the Oil Industry – if Polar Bears become endangered then anything that “might” threaten their existance becomes blocked. No drilling, no pipelines, no exploration or production in regions (which have increased greatly with thier numbers to the point that new species is being created as Grizzly & Polar Bears cross breed to a new species).  
And if Environmentalist can show that Global Warming threatens the Ice Shelf which threatens the “Proclaimed” Endangered Polar Bear…..then everything can be over-ridden to a degree that the past stupid legislation like Kyoto and other Global Warming legislation becomes mere baby-steps.
This is huge travesty of justice – having a judge from the most Environmentally liberal state in the country put our Federal Government on timeline to make a call about a complex issue that is surrounded by false claims, popular lies and political issues disconnected from the factual truths that have been hidden by a liberal pro-environmental anti-oil media.
We Send out the Special Force version of Oil Lobbyist to cut this stupid move at the pass: it is a complete Lie, it has nothing to do with survival Polar Bears (who by the way eat humans) or Global Warming – it is pure Anti-Oil Production that will keep us tied to the countries that hate the U.S.

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