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RE: Uruguay La Teja Refinery Exp & Coker Add

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Charles Randall

Here is Uruguay Coker update – Platts recent version doesnt seem include anything new from one ANCAP has had posted website for sometime (see ).

ANCAP La Teja (50MBD) is Uruguay’s only refinery & has no domestic crude so it must import. Technit had done an expansion in 2003 taking La Teja capacity from 37.5MBD to current 50MBD. Aug 2005 it signed long term crude agreement with PDVSA for up to 43.6MBD and later Sept 2005 formed study committee with PDVSA which did MOU for $500MM expansion to double capacity of La Teja Refinery. The end of 2008 ANCAP made initial announcement on the Expansion project going out to bid. A little later in 2009 ANCAP also announced a contract with Foster Wheeler in 4Q2009 for LNG recieving terminal.

News items on ANCAP La Teja Jont Venture with PDVSA expansion/doubling & a 17MBD coker addition have been made in both 2010 and 2011 – increasing target startup date to current 2016. Have not seen indication on whom will be doing the coker technology. The current estimates for $1 Billion are from end of study in 2008 and probably BEFORE big increase in construction cost rolled thru oil industry – so it is likely to see major increase given size and scope quoted.


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