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RE: Update2 – Spain Refinery Upgrades on Track, more diesel seen

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Charles Randall

Technically yes – the CEPSA Huelva Refinery does not have any public announcement about a coking project. But the answer is more likely maybe yes….and maybe no.
The Hydrocracker project you mention should finish up ~2010 and the current 2007 Foster Wheeler project for crude & vacuum unit expansion with new heaters that ~doubles 98MBD capacity should finish 1Q-2Q2009.
If Huelva DOES NOT add a coker – it will be the only one 6 refinery expansion projects (perhaps with exception ENI) that isnt adding or expanding a coker.  This would put it at huge disadvantage with its competitors on crude cost/availability, refinery margins and product yields (especially with EU HFO/Marine Bunkers at 1%Sulfur max).
It is also curious that Foster Wheeler was selected for the current projects since they are doing all the other Spain coking projects.  If  they do not convince CEPSA they need a coker now – it is likely there will be a Phase II/Planning stage coker mentioned when FW works out a contract for Technology with them.  So that is why I have it down on my coker addition list in the planning stage sometime in +2012 time frame.
Does this help?

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