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RE: Update – Western Yorktown Coking Ref Closing

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Charles Randall

Here is update on Western Yorktown Coking Refinery Closure (with comments on PBF purchase Valero Delaware fluid coking refinery).  Looks like no one put offer in on sales attempt which seems strange given all foreign companies searching for US footholds – espcially since Yorktown is making some profit just barging in product from larger refineries to resell in the area.
This also will not be good for US green anode coke supplies to domestic calciners due loss Yorktown – but since it has been limping along anyway its not a suprise.
This would also be another canidate for EIA/OGJ as “idled capacity” but will likely get delisted as did Valero’s Delaware refinery in 2Q10 (but is now preparing for restarting which means it needs be added back) ……. which fits category for “idled” instead of closure. 

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