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RE: Update – Total Pt Arthur New Coker Starts Up

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Charles Randall

Here is update on Total’s startup of its new coker (50MBD, 4 drum unit by ) and the ~completion of its $2.2 Billion expansion project (cost of coker was ~$900 million) which keep on its schedule despite the economic delays and crude supply issues that delayed the other two Pt Arthur Refinery/Coker projects.
So Total’s expansion and new coker will be the first of three Pt Arthur Mega expansions/coker additions online.
 – Motiva’s Pt Arthur (former Star Refinery) $7 Billion expansion to 600 MBD with a second/new 6 drum 95MBD coker (with COP Technology) was delayed in 2009 until 1Q 2012 for economic reason although the project was nearly 80% complete and the coke drum units were in place by 1Q2010.
– Valero’s Pt Arthur (former Premcor Refinery) $2.4 Billion expansion to 450MBD and 45MBD new coker addition (FW technology) was first delayed to coincide with Canadian P/L in Sep 2008 and the coker was later canceled by Oct 2008. The Valero project was restarted in Sep 2010 but reduced in size to ~$1.6 Billion with only the HydroCracker addition (also tied to HC addition at St Charles plant). 

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