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RE: Update – Total Joslyn-Edmonton Upgrader & Coker

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Charles Randall

I really haven’t seen any updates around the Statoil upgrader project – but there are several going on like the Total project mentioned around the Edmonton / Strathcona area and it is easy to overlook one of them. However, it was still on list of Edmonton projects as in the Planning stage with Project cost of $7.5B as of Dec 2007.
Statoil purchased NAOSC (North American Oil Sands Corp – formed 2001) ~July 2007 for 2.2 billion and included its 257,000 acres of oil sands leases.  The two NAOSC projects at that time were Leismer pilot scheme (late 2009 – early 2010 with 10 MBD bitumen and Kai Kos Dehseh project onstream 2011 and ramping 100MBD by 2015.  Statoil’s expectation was that NAOSC’s portifolo would have 200 MBD production by 2020.
And I have not seen any updates on Statoil website or in their News Release.  Most of the Canadian Project recaps for 2008 carry the 2007 information so they have not been much of source either.

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