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Another armchair quarterback re-caping the game from the cheap seats are we?

The “NOW” was implied when the “Guest#1” said he searched the internet & didnt find what he wanted in news post.
So he posted one word questions for Cause & Impacts & when he got most recent news post & indication that his items would only when investigation was complete ….. said he was looking for more “useful” response or QED an implied now answer to his items. I notice a more recent news post still lacks the items after a week of investigation…. as expected.

So Guest#3 (Guest#2 /MinnieMe to #1 – we dropped off due his goofy comment) you can also stuff your “overreactecd”. I do this site as freebie & I do it to help the coker guys in the trenches – not the outsiders/journalist/BD developers/Investment sharks or Traders.

I think it is probably time for putting the Coker News on members only access and shucking out some of you “Guest” & competitors getting free ride on industry details.

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