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Charles Randall

This site IS dedicated to delayed coker safety – these guys all do tremendous job focusing on this area & have teams set up to share the information across their industry.
Since the fire just occurred  you were given the useful response for this stage & perhaps you should re-read the lecture. Cause is a significant determination and seldom is it clear cut enough to be announced in the begining of investigation of the facts. If you were truly involved in the coker safety industry – you wouldnt have asked that question now – regardless of how many cokers are in the area.
Just because you are an idiot with question who thinks he needs an answer now – doesnt mean you can get around normal safety process by jumping to site that focus on this area and get your “fast food” response to a serious outcome ……. doesnt mean it is going to happen.
I notice you logged in as guest – which also suggest you arent a member of this site or its safety group, so you shouldnt have any expectation of getting a lead on the outcome of a safety investigation before it is ready to be released.

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