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RE: Update- Syntroleum-Tyson JV plants Fat-Fuel Gesimar-Borger


Charles Randall

Here is update on Tyson & Syntroleum Corp JV Fat to Fuel plant in Geismar – Dynamic Fuels LLC. Some question exist if Syntroleum can raise rest of financing for Geismar plant & outlook for the COP Borger plant is not good now that Congress cut the government tax credit- for that project – to $0.50/gallon.
Trying to keep non-petroleum waste to fuel plants as stand alone to get subsidy is going to keep them like rest BioFuel plants from every becoming a realistic answer to large volume displacement of petroleum fuel products & tied to tax credits/subsidy because large scale commercial applications that lead to innovation and technology breakthroughs will elude them. The difference between Biofuel new millions of gallons plants to Oil Industry existing millions of barrels plants has a scale-up factor of 42X which is way beyond the safety factor on labscale research operations trying to go pilot plant scale or pilot plant scale to demonstration commercial plant scale (usually 10-20X factor).

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