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RE: Update – Sinopec Maoming Coking Refinery Expands

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Charles Randall

Here is update on Sinopec’s Maoming Coking refinery (sometimes called Maoming Petrochemical Complex or MPCC Refinery) next expansion plans to 360 MBD (+33%) which have now been approved.
Maoming has been making ~672 kmtpy fuel coke since its expansion & 2nd coker addition in June 2004 that coincided with massive Crude Pipeline completion in area. A key replacement in this $4B Yaun expansion is the 2.4 (48 MBD)mmtpy hydrocracker which replaces an aging 16 MBD (1.0 mmtpy) existing hydrocracker damaged by fire/explosion blast in April 2008.
 It has been China’s 2nd biggest oil processing plant but several other massive China JV project additons may put it further down on the list even after its 2010 expansion completes in 2012. It is expected to add an additional coking unit even though it was not on previous list of 17-22 refinery & coking project list for 2006-2012. Several other China refineries will follow Maoming’s example (like anode coking refineries Anqing & Gaoqiao ~ 360-380 kmtpy/each) with new pipelines & low sulfur petcokes become fuel coke.
Maoming is complex refinery making both asphalt & petcoke and with lube units – it claims to have processed 61 types of crude from over 26 countries.

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