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RE: Update: Senate EPA Showdonw-Faceoff Cap-N-Trade

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Charles Randall

Roger – Thanks but no I did not write this; it was forwarded to me by one my peers in Consulting/Refinery Tech groups but it lacked the author or source (which often happens when good articles showing true perspective gets daisy chained). I tried to track down the original article but was unable to locate it which makes me think it was large company internal assesment of current status of regulatory action by the US government entities.
I have found that most of Newspapers and Media sectors have a Liberal/Environmetal focus against this type of honest assesment, and would not reprint or cherry pick details to give negative interpertation of these conclusions. There is long list of misreperesented positions on Global Warming, Oil Industry Speculation by Wallstreet, Alternate Energy and this is just the latest addition by government intent on doing end run around the peoples stated objection to very stupid approach (aka people/Congress voting down Cap-and-Trade).

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