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RE: Update Repsol-YPF La Platta FW New Coker

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Charles Randall

Here is OGJ article on the Repsol-YPF La Platta coker FW replacement project (license 2007/installed 2009?). The original coke drums at La Platta were installed in 1985 (licensed by Foster Wheeler in 1983) and were also a two drum system.  The charge rate in OGJ article seems low – current OGJ WW Survey shows capacity of 34,700 MBD coker rate making 1380 tpd on old drums, (actual production rates are closer to 25MBD & 1500 tpd).
I think there might be some concern in Petcoke Calcining Industry that the new drums might be able to do heavy crude – not likely but possible since they could incorporate some volume of the Brazil new offshore heavy crude finds ~50 Billion Bbls (Tupri & Caricoa), especially since Repsol & Petrobras already have some Oil industry integration & recent past asset swaps.

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