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RE: Update – OGJ WW Ref Survey 2008 Cap

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Charles Randall

The Other (#3 superscript) is sort basket of different process several like the Alaska refineries are alternate process to coking that do not fit per sae into the Thermal Process alternates.

One largest groups in Other#3 is the ExxonMobil “Flexicokers” – in my opinion they should be listed the same as the fluid cokers (#1 superscript – perhaps a #1a). But probably are not because they are quasi integrated
gasifiers-cokers & most of the petcoke is consumed as fuel for the process and like the fluid coking small particles that are not are recirculated to act as catalysts / nucleation site for fluid coke formation.  Which is presumably one reasons that no tons are shown – however to be correct there is usually bed coke & should account for tons consumed with footnote they become fuel.
<Shell Martinez is flexicoker, Venezulea Cardon & ect are also flexicokers>.

Another goup of Other#3 is the Romania/Ukraine/Russian “Still Cokers” which is sort alternate type to delayed coking that was adapted from steel coal coking process (one of  smaller / older Volvograd cokers is example) and few of these also exist in China.

Some of Other#3  for Japan/China/Asia refers to a “Eurkea Coker” that is really just an alternate Hydroprocessing (Thermal process) by Chyioda that should be in next column. Japan Sodegurera Refinery & China Nanjing are examples.

One of India refineries (Bharat Numaligarh) has the calciner tons instead of coker tons listed and used be Other#3 but now does not have a superscript note on it (it should be #2Delayed) and seems only charge rate for portion coke that goes to calciner is shown?  Note – There are several now in Coking column that do not have superscripts – just go back earlier years & carry them forward (making sure crosscheck what they are first).

Sometimes they miss label the Needle cokers and put them as Other #3 instead of Delayed #2. Sometimes they have the Fluid cokers as Other#3 instead of #1 Fluid. 
Since I dont have real changes in my spreadsheet yet, I haven’t crosschecked my datafiles with all corrections – this just gives you idea of what you need checkout. Good news is that there isnt a lot in this Other category & you can get real coker/Flexicokers sorted easily.

Hope this helps & happy researching.


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