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RE: Update – Obama / US to open Highways Mexican Trucks

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Charles Randall

Ombama has continued push on his program to let in Mexico trucks that have questionable safety records and emissions violations compared to US trucks. Appears he is bowing to Economic bullying by Mexico in form punitive tariffs on more 10 US export (mostly minor & largely food) items. All the economic weight should have been on US side to correct these tariffs as the US consumes/imports many times more in revenue than it exports. Hopefully the Congress can move to block this hit to US economic recovery, higher highway cost/taxes & our domestic transportation sector.
Groups like the Chamber Commerce/American Mfg-Farming/American Truck Asso are all for it because they hope use cheap Mexican alternate to beat down US suppliers/truckers. Obviously Teamsters & OOIDA truck groups are against it. (see an earlier Jan 2011 article below March one).
This is huge mistake & there is good reason for 20 year block – NAFTA has been one sided trade deal since it began & over last 10 years there has been 300% increase in US truck traffic in USGC because of it as import supply shifted from other country vessel shipments into mexican imports moving in US truck/rail. All the environmental investment cost on US mfg plants wouldnt have created as much emissions as the truck exhaust from diesel trucks/trains ……. and it will be worse with Mexican truck.
Additionally all US taxpayers are picking up past cost and now future cost for Mexico to have these NAFTA advantages because nearly 80% damage to US highways comes from trucks who only pay for 20-% of road cost in taxes. Which is OK to support US logistics & jobs but should be a loud hell-no for subsidizing Mexican imports.

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