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RE: Update NCRA McPherson $555 New Coker

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Charles Randall

Here is update on 85 MBD Kansas NCRA McPherson Refinery Coker expansion NCRA had put the coker project on hold in 2008. The McPherson Refinery is replacing existing 1952 / 20MBD / 3 drum coking unit making 867 dstpd petcoke. NCRA had debottlenecked coker in 2006 from 650 dstpd by adding coker charge tank & handling terminal that allowed increase rates starting March 2007 by decreasing drum cycle time from 24hour to 18 hours. The debottlenecking project was also part of NCRA $315MM Clean Fuels Project that completed at end 2006. NCRA also began handle more Canadian Bitumen Crude.

The $555M facility now expects construction start in 2013 (2012 previously) and completes 2015 an expanded 30MBD 4 drum unit. (NCRA is 75% owned by CHS that also owns CHS Laurel Montana Coking Refinery.) Mustang Engineering seems be doing EPC project work article doesnt state if Bechtel-COP technology is still doing coker technology.

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