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RE: Update – Inida Essar Vadinar Refinery (& Coker) run @ 375MBD Mar 2012

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Charles Randall

Here is update (see previous Apr/ May/Aug 2011 updates) India Essar Vadinar Refinery Expansion (&Coker addition) showing S/up Mar 2012 @ 375MBD. Although the coker addition is not mentioned per sae it does talk about all Fuel Oil exports ceasing after the expansion & converting a “redundant” visbreaker to crude unit. The project has also mentioned increase complexity ~doubling and capacity refinery tripling.

The refinery completed its Phase 1 $1.8B expansion from 10.8 MM mtpy (210 MBD) to the 14 MM mtpy (320MBD), current 18 (375MBD) and 20 MM mtpy (415 MBD) it talks about here by Sept 2012 for a complexity increase to 11.8 with the unmentioned coker addition (is mentioned OGJ S/D plans) for Phase 1. The previous mentioned key process licensors for added units were UOP, Jacobs Engr. & ABB.

Not mentioned on this update( but previous ones this year) is expansion of Essars Power generation capacity which nearly triples from 1,650 MW to 4,510 MW over project expansions.

But (not mentioned here) it has delayed the Phase II $4.8B expansion above 20MM mtpy by 2013/14 and then later 34 MM mtpy (680 MBD)), with another expansion and second coker addition to maintain the complexity increase.

Its been busy year for India Expansions & Coker additions either starting construction, commissioning or cokers first full year operation – including some EU relocated 2nd Hand Refineries (Mobil Woerth, BP-Bayeroil Ingolstadt & Petrocanada Oakland) to India’s NOLC Cuddalore, CAL-Spice Energy Halida & Packastan Karachi Refineries. Also cokers at BPCL Bina & Kochi refineries, IOC-CPCL Chennai, IOC Koyali, Essar Reliance & Essar Vadinar and IOC Barauni Needle Coker.

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